"In a game of skill, strategy and suspense, do you have what it takes to win when Zombies Attack? . . . Zombie Attack is an all-original game for the horror-crowd."

WTS Toy Review
February 2009
"From the onset, the originality of this game is warranted. We have seen movies and video games about zombies, but not a one of us have experienced a board game revolving around zombies, or specifically around escaping a strange mansion infested with the living dead. It's a new twist on a horror's time-tested classic. For zombie fans, you'll love the concepts and chase. Veteran gamers will be receptive to its archetypal feel.

The game's haunts are similar to that of conventional board games- rolling a die (no pun intended), moving characters around the board, picking up cards, and proceeding to the 'home base' first. Along the way, players encounter zombies who look to devour them before they can escape the expansive mansion setting. In a very 'Clue-ish' manner, players move from room to room, obtaining items along the way that can either help or hinder them. These items include keys to the exit doors, weapons to defend themselves, and secure hiding places. . . .

This game would definitely be great for a family game night with teens and adults, and could be great at Halloween parties."
March 8, 2009