Zombie Attack
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US$ 19.95, 10-3/4 x 10-3/4 x 2 inches, 36.9 ounces

2-6 players, age 8 to adult
Play time averages 20 to 60 minutes, but rule variants may shorten or extend play
Includes: game board, 68 cards, 6 human pawns, 6 zombie pawns, die, rules

You have been locked into an old deserted mansion with six zombies!  Can you find a key to escape before the zombies catch you and turn you into a zombie too?

Each player moves one human player and a random zombie each turn, using hiding places to avoid the zombies, weapons to eliminate them from the game, and keys to escape and win the game.  If a zombie catches you, you become a zombie and try to stop all the other players from escaping.  Every time you play, nothing is in the same place as before.

Please note, that the next edition will have upgraded art and components, but the price will remain the same.
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