Sample Game
(1) After four players have taken one turn, light blue is ahead using his long ladder immediately.
(2) Red and purple have used their long ladders now, and are catching up to light blue.  Yellow and dark blue are trying to climb different faces of the tower.
(3) Purple passes light blue and places his blocking stone to make sure the block will be available to build on next turn.  Yellow uses her long ladder to catch up but got boxed into a hole she cannot easily climb out of.  Red is preparing to move up and box yellow in even more.
(4) Red takes 3 steps up on her turn to catch up to purple.
(5) Purple takes away his blocking stone and climbs up.  Light blue and yellow finally climb up as well.
(8) Purple and yellow have climbed higher.  Dark blue's attempts to climb up are frustrated by other players taking the blocks from around him, leaving him on a spire.
(7) Light blue crosses horizontally to increase his chances of climbing later.
(6) Dark blue is now visible on the far side of the tower.  Red and purple have moved up, and yellow is stuck on a spire.
(9) Purple, yellow, and light blue have climbed up.  Red is taking a double-cube block to finally move up.
(10) Red takes advantage of the base dark blue has been building for himself, stranding him once again.
(12) Light blue climbs up, and red catches up to purple.
(11) Purple, yellow, and light blue have climbed up, and red is about to do the same.
(13) Red takes the lead, and purple places a double-cube block near her to get her to move off the block she's on.  Dark blue has finally moved up a little.
(14) Red moves laterally to block purple, and yellow's blocking stone keeps red from going up too, so red wins, because purple got to her height second.