"While this seems like a relatively simple concept, there is some truly deep strategy involved in this game.  The decision of which block to move, and how to reposition it, is a crucial one.  It requires players to think several turns ahead in order to make the right moves.  Also, there is some great strategic thinking involved in deciding when to use your ladders or blocking stone.  Do you deploy your ladders early to get the head start, or do you save them until the end for a game-changing maneuver?  Do you use your blocking stone to impede someoneís path, or do you use it to prevent other players from following in your tracks?

"As mentioned before, the game is very aesthetically pleasing due to its simple yet vibrant design.  The wood pieces are quite sturdy, and the box itself is well-constructed.   The weight of the wooden blocks actually helps with the game, as it prevents pieces from being easily knocked over from a stiff breeze or a bump of the table.  In fact, this is a very fortunate quality, as you will find yourself leaving your chair very often to scout all sides of the mountain in search of that perfect piece.

"If there is anything negative to say about this game, it is that players often find themselves just standing the entire game to keep an eye on how the mountain is shaping up.  This might prevent some from wanting to break out The Climbers if they just want to relax.

"The rules are concise and easy to understand after one short reading.  There is also a section on optional rules, adding new elements to the game such as the ability to use ladders as bridges.  Little touches such as this help add to the replay value.

"When it comes down to it, the reason The Climbers has received such a high rating today is that after you play this game, you will immediately want to play it again.  Between the randomized setup, varying strategies, and optional rules, The Climbers provides enough variety that you will not get bored easily."

Matt Morgan
The Modern Day Pirates
March 15, 2010
"Loaded with bright colored game pieces and interesting game play - The Climbers certainly caught more than one eye during the review process.  And our review team was quite certain the game players in your life will appreciate the look of The Climbers! . . . Our review team absolutely love when they come across a game that never plays the same way twice - and that is exactly what they found with The Climbers.  Every time the players set up the game you'll have a different playing surface, adding layer after layer of functionality.  Add in the strategy component of game play and you have a super-functional game, that plays different every time you play. . . An absolute original!  Not a single member of our review team had ever played anything quite like The Climbers.  Sure, they've played games where you de-construct a tower (Jenga), but never where you worked at climbing up one."

WTS Toy Review
February 2010
"This game by Holger Lanz is about building, re-building and climbing as high as possible on an ever-changing tower. It might look like childrens`building bricks at first glance, but there is much more in it, if you get into the game. . . . I played it several times now, only with 3 and 4 players, which already makes a difference, since the surfaces are more crowded and rope teams occur sooner and more often with more players. To me, this is not a highly strategic game, but 3D tactic fun! I very much like the feeling of creating a unique building each time, the walking around the table to detect the block you need NOW Ė and the surprising changes if situations, seemingly without any possibilities, turn, and a leading pawn is instantly cut off from climbing further. . . . [The Climbers] has a completely fresh feeling for me. I give it a solid 8 [out of 10] and am looking forward to more sessions."

Daniel Danzer
June 6, 2008
"The Climbers is unlike anything else I have in my game collection, and itís a welcome departure  [from] the norm. The easy rules explanation, coupled with the group activity of actually preparing the board make for a nice easy game for people to just 'pick up and play.' The game handles between 2-5 players but I think the more you have the more fun it is, since everyone eventually is fighting over the same real estate. The quality of the components canít be understated and the game is easily worth the asking price. Highly recommended."

Dan Zuccarelli
The Bits, Bytes, Pixels, and Sprites
March 23, 2010