The 6-Month Update

February 11th, 2013

Toy Fair is happening this week here in New York City, and we are not attending for the second year in a row, because of our inventory situation.  We only have substantial quantities left of The ClimbersDeer Hunter 2050 and Zombie Attack have sold out and 4th Corner is almost sold out.  We tried and failed to fund Samsara on Kickstarter, and I had interest in launching Robot Hamsters in Space that way instead, but between cash flow issues and concern about running another failed Kickstarter campaign — despite the seemingly wider audience for Robot Hamsters in Space — I have dithered a bit.

I tried to get our fans anRobot Hamsters in Spaced customers to check out a special page I put together to help us decide the next game to release for preorders on Kickstarter, but no one responded to the Facebook and Twitter requests to that end.  (Granted, the Twitter link had a comma where it should have had a period.)  Monorails of Mars is also testing very well, but it is probably at least twice as expensive to manufacture, though there is potentially a very dedicated game geek and train geek customer base who could support it.

If we go ahead with the campaign for Robot Hamsters in Space, we still have to make a video, but the prototype is usable, and we have a cover sketch from the fantastic artist who did our covers for Zombie Attack and Deer Hunter 2050, Philip Wohlrab.  The biggest expense would be making the mold for the hamster pawns/figurines and producing those.  The cost for the box, rules, and tiles is very reasonable.

If you have an opinion, please comment here or email me.  I could use some inspiration!

Mark Salzwedel