Star Hopper on Kickstarter

May 27th, 2013

Star Hopper cover

Well, I’ve been tracking the hits and searches, and absent more direct response, I have to conclude that people are more interested in seeing Star Hopper next, so check back here later this week for details of when and where you can preorder your copy or copies. I’m thinking of a number of additional perks besides copies of the game, including a monthly exclusive e-zine on space exploration and listing your name as a first-printing donor in the 48-page spiral-bound book that comes with the game.


If you haven’t checked it out yet, you will be amazed at how versatile the game is. I have included a number of rule variants that can make the game easier, harder, longer, shorter, and more strategic. It’s one of the few games I’ve designed that you can play with kids as young as 6 or younger, because it only requires color and number matching. And adults seem to have a lot of fun with the fast strategic play, especially when playing with the siege and collision rules.

Metatopia tournament

And it’s a very subtly educational game, if you want to learn or teach more about stars, planets, and space travel. You have to open the 48-page book to read the 2 pages of rules, and then you notice the detailed descriptions of the 107 stars used in the game and sidebar articles on the sizes of stars, how we can see them and detect planets around them, how far away they are, what happens to stars when they die, and more. Even without opening the book, the cards you win when you successfully start a colony have the name of the star, a number for their relative distance from us, and a depiction of the system, including color, size, planets, dust rings, and multiple-star systems.

The rules are simple. On your turn, you can deploy a spaceship to the space station or roll or not roll your color die and move or not move. If you roll white, a card is drawn to determine which star is open for colonization. When you get all four of your spaceships on colonies, you win.

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Mark Salzwedel