Rapid growth

Just before Toy Fair, I discovered some spyware had made its way into this blog, so I didn’t want to keep it up until I upgraded the blog software and got rid of the trojan horse virus in the old database.  In recovering from an overwhelmingly successful Toy Fair, I finally got around to updating things today and can resume weekly postings.

We were practically mobbed at booth 6156 at the Javits Center last week!  For the first three of the four days, we rarely had 10 minutes from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. when someone wasn’t at our booth requesting information, catalogs, and demos.  Some times our booth staff were all busy handling 3 or 4 inquiries at once!  I can’t quantify the orders we recieved yet, because I’m still going through them all.

I had my usual post-Fair cold which meant I had to take it easy yesterday, but I’m planning to get some assembly done and ship out 9 cases of games this afternoon, if I can make it to the warehouse when it’s not raining today.  Once I ship out all the confirmed orders this week, I still have to send out catalogs to reps and a few buyers that wanted more time to decide.

In the meantime, I’ve been answering questions from potential investors, trying to catch up on tax and accounting issues, reviewing new liability insurance options, and even doing some game design work.  January was our biggest month for sales in our history, and the first 3 weeks of February have already far surpassed that record.

I also managed to put in 3 days at Dreamation, a regional game fair in Morristown, NJ, right after Toy Fair.  I sold about a dozen games — The Climbers and 4th Corner mostly — but I mainly go for publicity.  We ended up running three tournament sessions of The Climbers because there was so much interest.

I hope I can keep this pace up, because we will have to go back into production on five games pretty soon!

Mark Salzwedel

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  1. This is great news, Mark. It sounds like The Climbers has really taken off!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Dan. It’s the number 1 seller at Funagain Games. I just shipped them a 30-copy reorder one week after they got their first 24 copies. It went out to 3 other new accounts today as well, and a couple more tomorrow when I have more time to finish processing the orders. There are major buys of 4th Corner and Zombie Attack I’ll be announcing here soon too.

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