Hurry up and wait

I haven’t written anything here for two weeks, because we’ve been in a wait-and-see mode.  Today we entered the hurry mode.

I had a long phone call with the buyer for a national direct-response wholesaler who loves 4th Corner, Zombie Attack, and Deer Hunter 2050.  I shipped off four copies of each this morning for their focus group meeting on Tuesday.  If the games make it through the focus group testing and then the board of directors presentation, we will be shooting 30- and 120-second video commercials that would start appearing on national broadcast and cable TV networks this fall.

So in addition to making sure we both understood each other’s business terms, I had to spin all of this information into a number-crunching email to my finance consultant for two potential investors he’s meeting with next week.  If today’s deal and the previous distributor deal go through, we could be looking at six-figure gross profits for 2009, and that should be enough good news to sign up a couple of investors so we can do more publicity and do some package redesigns.

I’ve also done some more play testing with Samsara, and the average game length seems to be close to 45 minutes.  I think some two- and three-player games may run as short as 30 minutes, and games with six or more players are likely to go an hour or more, so I’ll probably put 45 minutes on the packaging and marketing materials.  Someone on boardgamegeek came up with a comical tagline when he overheard some of us cursing each other during a game of Samsara this week:  Samsara, destroying friendships since 2008.

Mark Salzwedel

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    See the next post to see what I found out about the “national direct-response wholesaler.”

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