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US$ 24.95, 3 x 14 inches (tube)

3-8 players, age 10 to adult
Play time averages 30-60 minutes, about 10-20 minutes per player usually
Includes: 1 game board, 40 follower pawns in 8 colors, rules

Ancient Buddhists used samsara to describe the world of illusion to which we return with every reincarnation until we are enlightened enough to reach the heaven they called nirvana.  In Tibet, artists some times depicted the wheel of samsara in their mandalas.

In this pure strategy game, you start with five followers who go out and try to convert as many others as possible.  In every turn, you have four moves to divide between your follower pawns.  Any time you have a greater number of pawns adjacent to an opponent's pawn, the total number of pawns on each side are compared, and if your number is greater, you absorb the opponent's pawn(s) beneath one of your pawns.  When any player's last follower is absorbed, the player who controls the most pawns wins!  You can negotiate and cooperate with other players to absorb larger stacks of pawns.

The game board is like the eight-spoked wheel symbolic of Buddhism and is made of nylon over neoprene and rolls up and unrolls easily for transportation.  The pawns come in a plastic tube for easy storage.
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