The 48-page book that comes with STAR HOPPER is an excellent resource when you're ready to teach your students about astronomy and space.  The game proceeds as a fun race game, but every time any of the players roll white on their die, you can be the one to draw a card from the star card deck (randomly or in an order that helps illustrate principles you want to teach that day).

For example, you may want to talk about distances in space.  You make sure Alpha Centauri (1) is near the top of your stack and then turn to page 6 to read about the star system and then turn to page 37 to read the article "How Long Is the Journey?"

Or you may want to talk about the evolution of stars, so you pick a white dwarf card like Sirius (5), Procyon (15), or Van Maanen's Star (33), and a giant star card like Kochab (90) or supergiant card like Betelgeuse (105) and then turn to page 29 to read the article "What Happens to Stars When They Die?"

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