Star Hopper
(Look for this in 2014)

US$ 29.95, 10-1/4 x 10-1/4 x 2 inches

2-6 players, age 7 to adult
Play time averages 30-45 minutes, some rule variations may take more or less time
Includes: 1 game board, 24 starship pawns in 6 colors, 6 six-sided dice, 108 star cards, 30 colony chips, 48-page informational book

As a space colonist in the future, you are quickly building and launching up to the maximum of four starships in hopes of getting your pick of the choicest star systems.  As the space administration opens systems for colonization, will you be strategically positioned to be the first to get there and set up your colony?

Players in their turn deploy to the space station in the center of the board and then move their four starship pawns out into the galaxy.  Movement is limited by the color showing on your color die, so you may need to roll it for a new color frequently.  Star cards are drawn when anyone rolls white, and then it's a race to get there first.  When any player colonizes four star system, he or she wins the game!

The game comes with a 48-page spiral bound book reviewed by a top astronomer that includes two pages on the rules and then continues with information on stars and planets represented on the star cards.  It works well in a classroom or at home to teach and inspire children about outer space!
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