Strategic Space started business in May 2007 and premiered its first three games in September 2007.  Click on any of the game images on the right to find out more about them, and be sure to check out the reviews and sample online games for 4th Corner and The Climbers.

Please note that The Climbers and 4th Corner are ready to ship now.  Zombie Attack and Deer Hunter 2050 are now out of stock, but you may still find copies for sale online (check Variety Distributors for Deer Hunter 2050, Hastings for Zombie Attack).  Samsara, Star Hopper, and Master Spy are currently scheduled for publication in fall 2012, and possibly Assorti and Robot Hamsters in Space (see "Coming Soon").

For retailers and parents concerned about lead and phthalate content in children's toys, we can assure you that Strategic Space games comply with recent CSPIA standards.  (Click here for our certificates)

Updates on products are usually announced here, on a product's page, and/or in the press releases when you click on "Press."