Strategic Space is a publisher of tabletop games.  That includes card games, board games, tile games, and more.

In order to make sure that the games we publish are fun for the age ranges and in the time frames we think are correct, we like to invite lots of others to go through the rules and look at the boards and cards.  We don't want you to wonder, "Is it okay to do this?" when you've gone through our rule books.

And some times, we get some really great ideas that we still have time to implement before publication.  As grateful as we are for the assistance, the most compensation we can offer is a free copy of one of our games, if you provide us with a written evaluation of one of our prototypes.

Right now, we are gearing up for rule tests of Star Hopper, Robot Hamsters in Space, Samsara, and  Monorails of Mars that should be happening this fall.  We are principally looking for playtesters in the New York City area, but we are always looking for playtesters in other regions as well, and in some cases, we can just email the rules and card graphics to you.  We are especially interested in more kid playtesters, ages 6 to 14!

Click on the "Coming Soon" button if you'd like more information of what's coming in 2013 and beyond.