MONORAILS OF MARS is a variation on the classic railroad games (Railways of the World, Steam, Rail Barons, etc.) principally, but not exclusively, because the map is a terraformed (though geophysically proportioned) Mars and the rails are monorails, so there is no crossing of rails, and therefore more opportunity to block other players.  The objective is to ship enough goods from city to city along your monorail network that you make the most money by the end of the game.  The game includes special contract cards that also add to your treasury and tariffs you can affect and must pay when delivering across territorial borders.     Players 2-6, play time 2-3 hours.
ROBOT HAMSTERS IN SPACE is a combination of tile-laying games like Carcassonne and the program-and-move mechanic of games like RoboRally and Himalaya.  Players start with their robot hamster on a tile in the center of the table connected to other players' tiles.  On every turn, you place a tile that reveals more of the space station you have to fix and determines how your robot hamster will move on that turn (forward 1, 2, or 3 tiles, or rotate).  The first player to reach all of the repair stations in order wins.     Players 2-6, play time 30-90 minutes.
STAR HOPPER is a very simple race game in which you attempt to be the first to get all of your spaceships to star systems open for colonization.  The board consists of numbered star systems that correspond to real stars in our galactic neighborhood listed in the 48-page "star fact" book, so there is an educational element to the game.  On your turn, you can either deploy one of your ships to the space station in the center of the board or roll your color die and/or move one of your spaceships.  The color on the ray of the star your ship is leaving to reach a connected star must match the color currently showing on your die.  Rule variations can make the game easier or more difficult.     Players 2-6, play time 30-60 minutes.
SAMSARA is an abstract strategy game in which you try to convert as many of your opponents' followers as possible to your belief system, winning when you have the most followers at the game end (when anyone loses their last follower).  On your turn, you have four moves to divide between up to five followers, and then, if you have a greater number of followers flanking a smaller number of an opponent's, you can absorb those followers into your fold.  Whenever any stack of followers is taller than three, the excess are taken out of the game, having transcended the wheel of samsara and achieved nirvana.     Players 3-8, play time 30-60 minutes.