"The Dr.'s Impressions:  4th Corner is a small tile/maze game that can be taken on the go.  It includes 80 tiles and eight pawns.  With each turn, a player places a tile and moves his or her pawn, trying to get to the exit first.

"Kids' perspectives:  All three kids that played (ages 12, 11 and 9) really enjoyed the game.  They figured out the rules and started playing within five minutes.  They also figured out that the game was determined by strategy.

"Recommendation:  We played over and over, and each game was more complex.  We also took it to a restaurant and played while we waited for our meal.  4th Corner is great for developing logic and strategy and is fun for both adults and children."

Tiffany Wright, Ph.D.
Toy Directory Monthly, April 2008
"It's a quick learning curve to get up to speed on the rules and then there's strategy involved, but just enough to make it interesting and still allow for socializing with your friends.  You're basically creating a maze tile by tile that consists of an outer brick wall and inner paths.  You are trying to get to the exit first by leaving paths open to you and blocking your fellow players.  It's a smart, fun, deceptively simple game, and only takes about 30-45 minutes to play.  A good opener for your game gatherings!"

Kevin Carter, March 2008
"Very simple to pick up and play. . . . You can teach it to people very quickly.

"I really like it, and I really like how portable and inexpensive the game is.  Definitely one you want to check out."

Aaron Shaw
ADD Board Game Reviews
January 10, 2008
"4th Corner is a true strategy game. . . . The [review] team was pleased with the ability to create your own board during play, then change it throughout.  Definitely an original."

WTS Toy Review
February 2009
"We have [4th Corner] and have played it a lot.  THANKS.  It will be at Origins!"

George Sauer, III
Columbus Area Boardgaming Society
June 2009